Interior Decoration Ideas for Deepavali

Diwali diyas

Diwali diyas

Deepavali is a popular festival where you can decorate your home and celebrate in a striking manner. It is the festival where you will be bursting crackers, bond with your family and light your home beautifully. If you work together as a family, you can produce humble decorations and delicious homemade sweets. It is best not to waste your money on expensive fireworks. These crackers damage the environment and do less good to the surroundings. Visit websites like Deepavali, Interior Designology or Diwali Festival to get more tips and ideas for celebrating the festival of light.

As says, there are several ways to celebrate Deepavali in an eco-friendly manner. It is a five days festival. All people love to renovate or decorate home before Deepavali. They try different options like flowers, lights, diya, candles, etc. It is recommended to try unique and simple ideas to decorate your home. There is no need to spend too much of money for decoration process. You can collect things and organize in such a way it looks attractive and unique.

Center table décor:
A center table is seen in most living rooms. It is best to decorate one to give a whole new look to your living room. If you have side or slim tables in your home, you can make use it to transform as an attractive center table.

Diwali Home Decoration

Dining table décor:
Food plays an important role during Deepavali. You need to decorate your dining table to impress and wow your guests. If you have invited friends for Deepavali feast, ensure to decorate using the following tips.

Dining Table Decoration

Gold and white tablecloth look attractive for majority of interiors. You can add a tablecloth in gold and white color or something that goes with your interiors. In the center area, add a bright shaded runner. If possible, you have to decide and choose innovatively to make the runner and table cloth look more festive and attractive. Add gleaming bead strings or flower garlands throughout the corners of your tablecloth. It helps to look like scalloped edging or tassels. Exercise your hand paint and creativity. Stitch or glue some fabric flowers or sequins on the table runner in a beautiful pattern.

The table cloth and runner remains as a suitable foundation to showcase your mouthwatering Deepavali foods and sweets in an attractive manner. If possible, you can decorate the runner through simple tricks like pearls or beads or even colored crystals or petals or small flowers strewn over it. Ensure to select a color that stands attractively against your attractive runner.

Floating Flower ArrangementIf you have a shallow bowl, you can decorate it by making floating flower arrangement. You need to add floating candles and fresh flowers on middle of the table. You can place votive candle throughout the runner on both sides of flower arrangement. It can be arranged in neat straight row.

If you know to do vegetable and fruit carving, you can create a splendor specimen using watermelon, gourd, pumpkin, etc. Make carving in form of specimen and add votive candle inside the carving. The light will glow from the vegetable. It does not mean you have to be a professional or expert to do this carving. You just require some patience and necessary items to do in a fine manner. Before cutting mark the items using pen. Slice the piece along the pen marks and carve slowly from inside out. is the best website to collect information about Deepavali.

If you are good at vegetable and fruit carving or floral arrangements, you can make a lot of beautiful arrangements and display on your table. Do not despair if you cannot add two vegetables or flower arrangements together. Decorate the table with petals or flower garlands in a pattern. It is recommended to create a centerpiece using multi-pronged old-fashioned oil lamp. The platter can be used as base. It helps to save your tablecloth from oil spillage.

Diwali Flower Bowl Decoration

At the base, surround the basement of bowls of food, platters and lamp with flower garlands or petals. Mark the table with votive candles or small lamps in such a way it does not obstruct the food. It is sure this kind of arrangement will look enchanting and traditional. If possible, you can do the same style using bead or crystal strings or also with marbles. These are the alternatives for fresh flowers.

Diwali RangoliRangoli Decoration:
Rangoli remains as the major highlight on Deepavali. Most people focus on the entrance and main doors but fail to decorate on the sides and corners. Sides and corners rangoli designs gives a pleasant and cool look to the entire living space. It can be made glitter, colored chalk powder or flowers. Stencils or freehand designs can be used. Flower rangolis and traditional chalk powder look attractive in the outdoors. Designer rangolis looks beautiful in the indoors.

Color is important element you need to focus while decorating your home. Gold and silver provide glittery effect. It is best for festival season. Bright color means happiness. You can use bright colors like silver, gold, green, orange and maroon to make your house glamorous.

Recyclable RangoliRecyclable rangoli:
If you have stencils, it is simple to make rangoli or readymaderangoli from the market. But still, you do not have to get into the problem of making rangoli often. Take a cardboard and paint a beautiful design and cut it into appropriate shape. The rangoli design can be used anytime you wish and even next year. It is portable and best option.

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  1. Darshan Gopal says:

    Deepavali, the festival of lights..!!Its My favorite festival, we use to decorate our home from 1 month prior to the festival. This is the main festival for businessman, as they consider Goddess Laxmi visit their home during this time. Today people also started giving importance to interior decoration in this festival by decorating their house interiors by colorful lighting and colours.

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