Modern Technology and Green Home Construction

green building design

green building designThe green building design has become a common and most used phrased by the construction members. The main aim for green home construction is to address different features like reduction in water consumption and energy consumption along with using renewable energy to power the entire building. An experienced and well trained green architect like Besten, Maya Architects, Firm Terra Architects and Ashwin Architects helps you in constructing green and environment-friendly building by using best materials and tools.

eco-friendly HomeIt does not mean they would use eco-friendly materials like HVAC systems but also renovating every inch or sides of the property. For example, windows, insulation, walls and ventilation helps to achieve energy objective in a great way. It makes your building highly cost effective that is you can save about 30% of energy savings. Moreover, it reduces the carbon impact to a huge extent. When you engage and construct a green building, you will not only using solar panels but also use nontoxic paints. It takes you to the edge of modern living as well as healthy living space for your family members.

It is important to sign up with a builder who is LEED certified and experienced in this field. There are several builders in the industry but only few come forward to construct eco-friendly homes. You need to check their recent and past projects before handling your home project to them. When you initially meet the constructor, you can get a clear idea about their project, building quality, materials used, knowledge and experience in the industry. You can confidently handover your project after initial consultation.

An experienced architect will handle several aspects of building construction process. It includes;
They ensure that your building does not cause negative effective to environmentanyway. They will construct and design the building by thinking and checking on various factors. If you want to achieve green building, you have to inform your requirement in advance. The architects will take measure and plan your project accordingly.

They make use of advanced green tools and technology along with environment-friendly products and renewable systems to equip and construct the building. They will design a plan to diminish overall water usage and energy.

Green Architecture House

The green construction architects will use the modern environment systems for both cooling and heating purposes. For example, installation of geothermal heat pumps helps to save every month and beneficial for your green home.

The builder will clearly educate about the entire project, construction process and future maintenance. They will also inform and update about the savings and advantages you can make every month with your green home.

What’s more to say? Eco-friendly buildings have great value than conventional homes. Instead of looking for local architects, you need to look dedicated architects who can construct green and eco-friendly homes within your budget and as per your requirement.

Cool Roofs buildingCool Roofs: It is exclusively designed to provide decreased thermal emittance and increased solar reflectance. In simple words, it reflects ahigh amount of sun rays than a normal shingle roof. It prevents the cool or warm air inside from your home to escape out of the building. The cool roof’s reflectance can cut about 50 degrees of heat to enter your home. It is best to add if you are living in a hot region. Reducing the roof’s temperature itself is a great advantage. The real saving is you will not be switching on your air conditioner systems.

Cool roof improves your interior temperature and you do not have to rely on air conditioner or other cooling systems. It can be constructed using various materials. It includes cool roof tiles and shingles and special reflective paint. There is no need to search further if you are choosing cool roof for anenvironmental reason. Its reflectance can decrease heat island consequence of suburban and urban areas.

Zero Energy HomesZero Energy Homes: Zero net energy buildings or Zero energy buildings are built to manage normal electric grid individually. It offers own power in form of renewable energy. Carbon emissions and energy consumption is referred as zero. If you are construction zero energy building, your building will consume zero net energy on yearly basis.

It produces zero carbon emission. It depends on renewable energy supplies such as wind or solar power. It is specially constructed to remain extremely energy efficient using outstanding latest techniques and insulation such as passive solar design. Efficient design would remain as the start. The building would require power for one or other source. Wind collectors and active solar panels are some of the best solutions where certain buildings employ biofuels for heating.

If you are living in small communities, you can construct zero-energy buildings. You can check out for more innovative ideas.Your homes will benefit in a great way through shared renewable resource. It is not a simple task to construct zero-energy home. Moreover, it is not cheap also.


Smart Appliances: Refrigerators and other home appliances from brands like LG, Samsung, and more design and launch several energy saving products to consumers. It is a best addition to zero energy homes. You can save energy as well as reduce the electricity expenses in a great way. You can purchase dishwashers, refrigerators, air conditioners and other appliances that come with smart technology. Nowadays, most appliances come with star rating label. If you are serious about constructing energy homes, you can purchase five stars rated appliances and include in your home. Though the price is a bit high, you can watch great savings in form of power consumption and energy bills.

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    The concept of Green House may be new to many of us. I was searching on internet about this technology and landed to this post, really its too informative. Probably in a year or two, I am in a plan to construct my own new house using this technology. I will also suggest you all to go with this concept to give a better future to our younger generation.Good luck folks..!!

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