Tipsy Tip for Home Monsoon Ready

Bright And Colorful Retro Modern Living Room.

Bright And Colorful Retro Modern Living Room.

Every season brings something new with it and also changes things surrounding it. When all the things around us change, why stick to the old home décor. It sure is impossible for fresh decor every season, you still can do so many things with the old one. Yes, you read it right! All this time you were looking for ways to dump your old decorative items, and now you can actually give it a fresh look. The best part is, you will not be spending loads of money too. So get ready for some fresher look from your old decorative items.

Refresh Your Upholstery with bright poppy designs

To beat the outside gloominess, you can add some designs that will make your place happy, bright and colorful. Your sofas can be reupholstered for blush pink or sunny yellow. These colors will bring positivity and energy in the house. Your cushions can be covered with patterns and prints of bright flowers coverings.

Introduce fresh Greens to make the place lively and fresh

This is the best alternative for all those energy pills. Just move your beautiful plants indoor and see the outcome. Your interior will instantly change to fresh, lively space refreshing your house with energy. Make sure that the carrier is attractive and goes well with your interiors. Small metal plant holders also perfect the design.

Bring out all the glittery items out

Since it is all wet and gloomy outside, your regular lights will be insufficient in completing the job. If you have any glittery, bling decorative items stacked up for long, then it is time to let them shine out. Rose gold, brass, and accessories made from gold color revives the dull space and also enlightens empty lonely corners. Their sparkling effect, in fact, brightens up the whole space making it look fresh and happy.

Let there be light
It sure will be dark outside because of the season. This, in turn, will make the house dark and somber. To make your space lively and bright, place floor and table lamps. These decorative items will lighten and brighten up your space and also your life.

Keep the smell away
The most important thing one must keep in mind during the monsoon season is to keep the odor at bay. No matter how clean you keep your house, it will surely have an unpleasant smell because of the dull and wet season. So to avoid such discomfort, ensure you have the fresheners and scented candles out. Set a timer for your freshener so that it keeps your place fresh and odorless throughout the monsoon.

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