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Home Design

If you are doubtful whether to invest or not to invest in home automation, you have to consider the price. It is the most important factor. Home automation systems use advanced technology and it is not available at low price. You have to plan your budget if you are thinking to implement home automation. In the present scenario, cost is the major factor making people think about home automation. It is best for people who wish to live a luxurious and comfortable life. Nowadays, home automation companies like DMC Homes, Delfin, Infineon and Venbatech have started to use sensor technology.

Imagine waking up without your alarm clock but to the favorite tune coming from your ceiling. It will be opening slowly to reveal the sun. If you are entering kitchen, you need to just single touch the button in your hall. It can switch on the light in your kitchen. Sensor technology is an advanced form. As you enter the room, the lights, fan and airconditioner will turn on through sensor technology. When you exit, it will automatically switch off. You do not have to control since they operate detecting your motion. It is a high success project and implemented in several commercial business. It is slowly influencing home automation industry too.

home automation

Many people are interested in learning and implementing home automation. There are various choices to choose from. Bluetooth or Wifi? Raspberry or Arduino? Processing data through a local server or sending information to the cloud? When you see all the options, you will find everything interesting. It is hard to choose that is right for your home. Here we will get some advice and considerations regarding the platform.

The platform is the main thing you need to consider while constructing your home automation system. As an owner, you need to think which platform is best to use and what kind of platform you want for your home. You have to consider the cost and other factors before selecting a platform. It mostly depends onupon the home you are constructing and planning to use.

There are two things you should know when thinking about platform. Sensors and actuators are put to use in most houses where it interacts with physical world. The next part is main head or brain of the system. Are you wondering how to line with physical world? It is simple. Arduino is the right option. It is widely used for electrical building project. It has received great attention in the market. You can see different tutorials and learn its usage and benefits. If possible, you can also get help from your home automation advisor like

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You have choices for central unit or brain of the system. There are situations where you will not need a brain or a central unit. For instance, if you are constructing a small system that involves one to two sensors, you do not have to depend on central nervous system. Are you wondering why? The Central unit coordinates numerous things, but when you are using one or two, there is less need to coordinate. In another case, if your device is connected to cloud-based or web service, central nerve is not needed.

If you think that you want a central nerve to control all the devices, then it can be set up as per your convenience. You can control the actuators and sensors through a central nerve. It will control the entire modules and functions the software to construct your home. It is recommended to use your computer or other devices like Beaglebone Black or Raspberry Pi. The computer remains flexible since you would know how the entire system works and how you can control from one stop.

It is the point where you can enjoy maximum freedom. The majority of actuators and sensors are integrated with various platforms. It is best to take components that you are presently using with Arduino. This way, you get a chance to discover new libraries for components. Moreover, you will not have problem in finding appropriate tutorials for these components. You can save a lot of time and money as you develop a new project. If you do not have time or convinced with your project, you can purchase the project that is already ready from a leading automation company. There are numerous components to control home automation. You need to make a list of components for each purpose likerelay, motion, temperature and humidity and temperature only.

It is important to check whether all the components are functioning at equal voltage levels. If you are using components with different volts like 5V and 3.3V devices on the same system, it becomes disturbing.

Home Automation Connectivity

If you have selected a platform and certain components associated with it, you have to check about connecting your devices. Again, you have vast options. It is recommended to use Wi-Fi if you have ideas to integrate your components with the internet. Do you want to maintain things simple and local? Switch for RF or XBee modules. Another good option to consider is Bluetooth connectivity. Ethernet is also a good option but you will see cables running here and there around your house. To get solutions for such problems, ensure to research on the internet for tutorials, libraries and suggestions. If possible, you can also discuss with a home automation consultant. Bluetooth and Wifi are simple to assimilate on Rasberry Pi. It is usually built in along with your computer.

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3 thoughts on “Design your Home with Home Automation”

  1. Ravindra Sharma says:

    Technology has taken our generation to great heights and is still climbing up and up. Today even at our home we are using a high level of automated system starting from our door to our bedrooms. Technology has given us a lot of advantages in terms of quality, safety, luxury and lots more. Even the pets in our home are been taken care by the automated systems and we hardly have to bother about them.

  2. Ramba Jain says:

    Home automation is not a bad idea, recently I innovated my home with all such automated stuff and its awesome. Actually speaking its just an one time investment during the initial time and its a money saver for life time. You can save much money in terms of electricity consumption if you calculate on long term basis.

  3. Venkatesh Reddy says:

    Automated homes is a trend in today’s generation, people today want all things to be done automatically without any external efforts. Many technologies have came today for home automation ranging from automatic lights to the modern automated kitchens. In some aspects these automated products are good, like conserve energy to a large extent when our appliances are not in use. So better be selective and go for such automation..!!!

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