Banquet Hall Concepts – Visualized Events Turned into Reality

An Image of Table Setting o A Luxury Wedding Banquet Hall

An Image of Table Setting o A Luxury Wedding Banquet Hall

“The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in Life to celebrate”, a famous quote by Oprah Winfrey. Thus to celebrate the most momentous day of one’s life, a Banquet Hall will be the best choice. It will turn out to be the most memories filled event. It can be a wedding, celebrating anniversaries, birthday parties, etc. The hall alone is not enough. Choosing the best decorator and also an event management group will widen the beauty of the whole place as well as the event. Click here for more Banquet Hall concepts.

Banquet Hall – The Definite Setting Innovations

Below are some unique ideas and concepts that will help conceptualizing and visualizing the whole place filled with grandeur and vibrant colours.

  • Theme based Decorations

Hypothesizing a good and vivacious theme for every event lets create an engaging ambiance. Making use of good decoration elements along with shades matching the event theme makes it the best and most pertinent for the occasion.

  •  Guest Placement

Depending on the size of the Banquet Hall, decide on the number of seats to be accommodated inside and with perfect placement without giving the feel of congestion to the guests.

  • Decoration of Banquet Tables

It is vital to decorate every table placed in the hall with beautiful flowers and Table linen color codes the theme chosen for the day.

  • Fabricating the Banquet Chairs

Every chair is enclosed with a white cover along with a fabric that matches the theme of the event is color matched and tied to the backrest of the chair.

Bright Shade of Red Color Theme Wedding Hall Decoration with Beautiful Lightings. Image That Depicts A Beautiful Arrangement For Guest Placement of A Wedding Event.
Lighting in pink and purple colors with aesthetically decorated banquet hall. A Beautiful Wedding Hall with Full of Lighting Arrangements
A wooden dance floor arranged for a party at a banquet hall.

Image Credits : WeDid 

Banquet Hall Decorations and Lighting Concepts

  • Decoration in the Ceiling

Many Banquet Halls have high ceilings. In that case long fabrics are used to decorate the complete ceiling by tying one end of the fabric as a bunch in the hall center and the other ends are separated at equal distances and spread across the ceiling.

  • Lighting Techniques

It is believed that decorating with some blurred festive array lights according to the size of the room makes the complete place a very different look. A calm and serene ambience is created when blurred lights are used. Usage of brighter lights in smaller area makes the room look much bigger, creating an illusion.

  • Decoration for Birthday

For lower based ceilings in a banquet hall, using balloons that are color themed and shaped differently provides a lot of attraction to the whole place.

  • Carpeting the Floor

Applying nice designed carpets on the floor creates a beautiful hall flooring in lieu of keeping the floor plain or in a permanent design.

Food and Dance Floor Arrangement in Banquet Hall

  • Making food service easy

The accessibility provided to the food area must be near the seating area, so as to make it tranquil for guests to consume their food and attend the function without a hassle.

  • The Dance Surface

No party is considered complete without dancing it out. Every guest would prefer to hit the dance floor at least once. Thus making the area right in the center of the Banquet Hall would make more sense.

The life of an event management specialist is exciting and is provided with numerous opportunities to go all out to be creative and think outside the box to make it a one-off event. The ideas to decorate a Banquet Hall are endless and there are no rules or regulations that need to be followed. As long as it works between the event manager and the client the concept is treated as an accepted one.

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