All about the high-sky residence in the commercial capital of India

The Gateway of India and boats as seen from the Mumbai Harbour in Mumbai, India

The Gateway of India and boats as seen from the Mumbai Harbour in Mumbai, India

The adobe located at up-scale in Mumbai

People have to look in this home as designed by one of the most popular interior designers Ali Baldiwala. People who are looking for best ideas for their home furniture must peep into the brilliance of work from Ali who has brought some master class of design in 3100 square feet of a home in Mumbai. Not only for all the people looking for new elegant designs, but the house can be worth learning equipment for all the new interns and students in the interior designs hoping or professionalism in the field. The interior designers must have to look at the efforts of Ali Baldiwala, who brought all the stars in the apartment although conditions were not in the favour. Let us take a look at all the tactics used by Ali Baldiwala, who converted simple four walls into royal space, offering comfort and luxury.

All about the start to the dream apartment

Ali has brought in the black Marquina, which offers a hearty welcome to all the guests in the living room and is present on the passageway of the home. The walls and floors of the living room consist of the grey Floriana marble giving it a futuristic and sophisticated look. The dining table of the house also consists of brass components along with a framework made from copper which complements the intended drama over the room. The ceiling of the entire apartment is made with glossing barisol along with the application of majestic chandelier for a perfect soothing hue. Just like a cherry on the cake, the velvet finished chairs and couches add further extravagance to the living room.

Other significant components and room designs of the “maximum apartment”

The study den of the home is also made with mutant models along with hand artwork for offering an elegant look to the readers. The wooden desk for storing the books with accessories also adds to the enlightened the beauty of the space. One would always want to love in a calm and on some of the world-class relaxing loungers. The background of the room is also quite similar to the old shipping docs. The finishing touch to the office brings in the bronze mirror pallets for a more extensive and authentic feel. The master suite is packed with all the equipment required to enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

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