Ultimate Guide To Make Your Room Look Better By Proper Decoration



You need to know this! The interior designers don’t have any secret book of rule. In fact there are no set of rules encompassing their work. The interior work is based purely on creativity, intuition, imagination and a bit of exploration. Though all the above hold good, some rough basic guidelines are followed to ensure great results, always. This is the universal concept which is applicable to interior design companies in Qatar too. The tried and tested one work works better. Certain simple steps and some keen eye for detail along with up-to date knowledge on interior design trends will do the trick. We have to tap the creativity and quirkiness that exists in us. Ou can look through interiordesigngreensboro.com for a better idea.YHere are a few easy things to consider bringing in that drastic but much deserved change in your favorite space:

Paint selection should be the last, not the first step
The interior designers get phone calls for paint work before they the clients want to move in. You have logic there! How about moving into a home with fresh color to the walls? Though you may consider this logical, it is not ideal according to interior designers.

Many shades, tints, tones are available for thousands of colors in paints. Meaning each color compliments a different location and space due to the available light and its reflection. Thus similar color repetition is not advisable. The colors that you plan to select should go well with the decor you hold such as paintings, upholstery, tapestry and other major ones. Your selection will be apt only when these furnishings are placed indoors.

Furniture should be spaced properly
Your room should not be overcrowded with stuff. Space to move easily means living graciously. This is good if you have planned a modest budget because you downsize on the number of furniture to be spaced in a room. That way you purchase superior quality furnishings and your room doesn’t look like a flea market (with cheap stuff). Best piece of them all is a high backed chair which is so attractive, it brings the aesthetic look to your room.

Paintings have to be positioned at proper height
The level of human eye is on an average 56 inches from the ground, which is exactly followed by museums and galleries to place paintings for convenient visibility. This should be your thumb rule also to hang your artwork at home. There is a basic tendency to hang artwork according to ceiling height, ideally the human eye level should be considered not the structure height. If there is uncertainty, click a snap and see it for yourself. As a picture is an effective tool to judge the outcome. You can sense and decide whether a plant or a painting would suit the space that is vacant.

Arrangements of furniture on carpets or rugs
You have to know all the two ways of arranging furniture on a carpet or a rug:

Every furniture on it: To create a place that is luxurious place all the furniture on the carpet or rug if it is large enough to accommodate all. You have to place it in the center such that there is a space of 13 to 15 inches on all sides of the floor of the room.

Every furniture off it: The best option to go for a small room is to use texture and layer. Buy a small but not a very small and insignificant one. Place it such that it touches the tip of your toes when seated on the furniture in the room. So if your room is small placing the legs off the carpet or rug is a good budget friendly choice.

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